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A LOVELY DAY [03 Nov 2005|06:39pm]

(T. Beechey)

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GLIMPSES WITHIN [30 Sep 2005|03:13am]

(T. Beechey)

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THE STILL AUTUMN AIR [28 Sep 2005|03:31am]

(T. Beechey)

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TIME [26 Sep 2005|03:19pm]

(T. Beechey)

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THE GREATEST FEAR [18 Sep 2005|07:08pm]

(T. Beechey)

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WINDOWS [31 Jul 2005|10:57am]

(T. Beechey)

From my window,I can see you lost in each other's gazes
In the midst of the hazes brought on by passion's blazes
From your window,can you see me before a shattered mirror
Cause the image which appeared bore a figure that was clearer
Long ago?

From my window,I can see you living out your story
Basking in the glory of never needing to be sorry
From your window,can you see me lost in a sea of doubt
Wondering what life's about in a world now without
Your glow?

Myself in the window no longer bears reflection
While the lines of your shadow point in each direction
Yet I can't turn aside,ever hopeful for a glance
Of the stemming of the tide of romance

From my window,I can see you in the arms of another
Secure in the love for this moment you've discovered
From your window,can you see me with head bent and kneeling
In search of a healing from this overwhelming feeling
Of shame?

From my window,I can see you dancing in the moonlight
Silohuetted in the twilight and everything is all right
From your window,can you see me as my spirit's slowly dulling
With teardrops steadily falling and each one calling
Out your name?
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FOREVER [30 Jul 2005|04:14am]

(T. Beechey)

Forever exists until memories fade
And the shades are drawn and even then
When just a solitary thought
In time is caught,it begins again

Forever is neither here nor there,
It's everywhere and nowhere at all
Yet,somewhere we fall in the middle
And,little by little,we begin to dull

Till we all become part of forever
Never changing,but seldom the same
Name or circumstance doesn't divide us
For they're inside us to feed the flame

There is no beginning,there is no end
Only chance to mend what's fallen before
As through the door we quickly pass
Into the looking glass of nevermore

Forever exists in a dream selected
From those reflected in sightless eyes
And nothing dies for we're all as one
Just as we've begun until spirits rise
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LIFESTORMS [22 Jul 2005|04:08am]

(T. Beechey)

As you watch stormclouds gather,do not hide but rather marvel
At the carnival of rapture not to capture but behold
Unfolding by the season without reason,yet a sign
To define our very purpose,it is for us to be told

Yes,the message in the thunder is be one with all around us
While sounds of falling raindrops swaps bad thoughts for good
Should you ever see the lightning,it's inviting all to listen
To the glisten of the rainbow for it knows what no one could

Why we are and who we're being,what we're seeing that's unreal
How to feel as souls are numbing and becoming who we can
To unveil the plan for seeking for the weak and for the moghty
An idea that shall unify the brotherhood of man

It's a concept held by many,but are any truly looking?
Have we took our final glances and are chances now denied?
Don't hide from the forming of stormclouds,they are with us
To deliver us a message we had best not turn aside

And the message in the thunder is be one with all around us
While sounds of falling raindrops swaps bad thoughts for good
Should you ever see the lightning,it's inviting all to listen
To the glisten of the rainbow for it knows what no one could
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THE PIPER [05 Mar 2005|05:14am]

(T. Beechey)

When,all around,there is the sound of peaceful solitude
And the only images to be found exist within the mood
That's the chance to accept the dance even if you can't
You'll find the step where it's kept within the piper's chant

When,all within,the ceaseless din of the world fades away
Allowing for just a moment to breathe the scent of day
That is when you begin again to seek what left so soon
And,when you do,only then will you hear the piper's tune

The whispers in the breezes which appeases and consumes
The ripples in the water,color splashes in the plumes
Blending with the mending of a heart denied in love
This is only but a sampling of all the piper's of

Upon the crests of windfalls,there's no walls to divide
Expressions emerge quickly when there's not a need to hide
From the majestic rise of mountains to fountains spraying mist
This is where,in the fragrant air,you shall feel the piper's kiss

When,all throughout,the cloak of doubt is lifted to reveal
Just what life is all about in all you think and feel
That's a sign to drink the wine,the sweet nectar which abounds
In the presence of the lilting tones amidst the piper's sounds

When all above,below,beyond,there's a bond between the land
And man as he embraces life with a strong and steady hand
That's the time to begin the climb from where you've been so long
And follow the echoes of the chime which exist in the piper's song
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To An Unknown Acquaintance [01 Mar 2005|04:56am]

I came across an obituary notice in a newspaper and the resemblances between the deceased and I were so striking that I felt compelled to write about it:

(T. Beechey)

I didn't recognize the printed name
But,nonetheless,teardrops filled my eyes
When I realized that we were one and the same
Merely attired in the other's disguise

How very much similar our lives had been
As twins,we could have easily passed
Simply miscast in separate skin
Upon journeys that were never to last

The routes we chose somehow always merged
Forever on the verge of denial
Yet,all the while,there was present that surge
To complete that elusive,unfinished mile

Was it luck or fate or happenstance?
A random encounter with the Sacred Above?
Or was it unrequited heartfelt romance
The turning back of a still-yearning love?

I didn't recognize the printed name
And it's really a shame because,you see,
Together,we each warmed ourselves by that flame
Now,I travel alone in search of me
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[06 Jan 2005|05:08pm]

new poem, titled Misleading, author sobleak (ME)

I'm Wondering why the hell your smiling at me so sweetly.
Why are you looking into my eyes so intently?
Cant you just set things straight?

My Eyes are on you, My Mind is loving you,
and My Soul is addicted to you.

I'm wondering now, why when I'm sad are you the only one who can tell?
Why do you get so concerned?
Just stop please, and think for a minute...

We are not just friends, you and I.
No. No.
Get a clue, I like you,
and I am thinking maybe you like me too.

I'm wondering why the hell are you standing so close, really in my personal space...
Why do you do those little cute things you do? You know they "annoy me".

Why is your arm around my shoulder?
Why does your hand always find a place in mine?
Why, in class when your tired do you always lean on me?

I care about you, am I imagining it or do you fell it to ?...

or... are you just screwing with me?

are you purposely misleading me?
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scriblings [09 Dec 2004|05:47pm]

I am running from
I am trying to picture a
life where my days and Nights and
even the in-between times not being
filled with
thoughts of
things like
my love
and my hate,

the thoughts I constantly conceal.

I keep writing down my
e m o tions,
then suddenly I am s c r i b l i n g it all
because I just cant tell you these things,

Keeping it all to myself
it is my way to acceptance
((in my mind)).

I need to deal with it all myself.
later on maybe I wont run.
Maybe later on I will stop

& take a breath, then attempt to explain it all.

But now it is not now, not yet.
There are some more
p a t h s I have yet to attempt.
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hi [13 Nov 2004|03:09am]

Poem: I Get It

I know it’s hard for you to breathe.
I know sometimes it’s like you can’t see.
I know that when you escape your grief
you want it back because it’s familiar.
I know.
I know.

I know that sometimes you hurt yourself,
So you can find that familiar place.
I know that sometimes you also do that,
Because you think that is where you belong…
…. I also know your wrong.

I know it’s hard to keep going when
the one you love
does not love you.
I know, for I too, cry in the night.
I can tell how hard you fight
that tide of emotions that you feel inside
((the ones that keep you paralyzed))
I know. I know.

I know you thought we were a mistake.
I know because when I gave you
My heart on a golden plate
You left it out in the rain.

….And when I tried to retrieve it and start new
I did not get very far.
Now it is out, for all to see,
soaked, torn, and
hyperventilating on my sleeve.

I know it was she that you loved and not I
I know that what you thought you felt for me,
Was only a lie.
I know. I know.

I remember when you told me that when you were in love
It would be as if everything were all right.
I also remember that feeling
((it was almost like I died))
when you said you felt it with her, and not I.

It is so incredibly hard to bare.
I know.
I get it.
And hopefully one day I will understand…
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[08 Nov 2004|03:15pm]

Poem:Feeling Dead

review on the site if you can please
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Haunted [28 Oct 2004|05:51pm]

Your the vision I hope to wake up to
Your the love I want in my life

are the dream that keeps me up at night

are the poetry that has never left my lips
because you are to perfect
to wonderful
for me to describe or categorize

Your the reason my life does not feel full
because you
are the reason
for this
and that
for who
and what

And when I really think about each day..

Nothing. I feel like simply nothing
because when I truly look at you
and when you look back at me

you pretend you havent,
I become ignored...

You are the reason I cant get to sleep
haunt my dreams.
And what haunts me even more,
is that I dont haunt yours.
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[11 Oct 2004|08:03pm]

Wrote a little somethin' Friday night. I'm wondering if I should submit it to Lit Mag. I know some of the staff are tired of the love poems, but oh well. Tell me what you think:

"I want you to do me a favor
Since you've been with me for so long...

I want to know if we can take what we have
And make it deeper...

Burn for me
Find that place in your heart
Where I will always exist
As I have done for you

I want you to know
That our love symbolizes eternity
Forever known and longed for
Undying and truthful

Don't ever hide your thoughts about it
Speak what you feel
Let everything out
Don't be afraid

Just burn for me
Find your inner flame
That's all I ask from you..."

Made a few minor changes to that one. I'm also thinking of maybe sharing this journal entry in AP, since I have to read next week. Give me your thoughts!!
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agitation [08 Oct 2004|08:17pm]

I wrote a poem.... yeah. guess who its about? I worked on it for almost two hours... yet I think it could be better. give me feedback please

You’re crawling in my skin

stop making me scream

there are some mysterious bruises
and cuts
bite marks
oooh fun
that I blame you for

out of my mind
then in the gutter
through the sewer system
and then out into a dream

this agitation is making me go wild

why don’t I just lye in the puddle
of tears caused by you

why don’t I just kill that side affect
my beating heart
for loving you


agitation, you’re trying to crawl in my skin
slithering, you’re getting back in

I can scratch all I wish
It’ll do no good
You’ve gotten in
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Wrote this one a while ago [02 Oct 2004|12:31am]

Today a life was taken
By a driver who was drunk
A teenager named Jenny
"Who? That sweet, smart girl? Who would've thunk?"
Her fate was decided
At a party she went to one night
Where her friends said, "C'mon, have a swig!"
And Jenny took one out of fright
One led to two
Two led to four
Soon enough she had too much
And passed out on the floor
Her mind took a break
So did her friends
They all left the party trashed
Stumbling to their cars in the end
While Jenny was put unconcious in the back
The car swerved back and forth
Trina couldn't drive on track
She passed a stopsign
Missed a red stoplight or two
She heard car horns honk and said
"What did I do?"
Suddenly when she put her eyes
Back on the road
Trina saw that it had snowed
An icy patch was on her side
The tires began to lightly slide
And she moved left
Out of the way
But just as she missed the patch
Another ride came her way
A semi-truck blasting its horn
Trina didn't know what to do
Her drunken mind had her torn
She froze at the headlights
And the truck hit the car
Seeing that Jenny was still passed out with no seatbelt on
She was thrown through the windshield
And went pretty far
After the crash
Trina was fine
She'd only had a strong thrash
But Jenny was a different story
Her body's sprawled out on the cement
She was killed instantly
When her neck was nastily bent
So now Jenny's friends
Have to live with a tragedy like this
Her parents truly loved her
We all know she'll be missed

Tonight a life was taken
By a driver who got drunk
And most people would onlly have one thing to say,
"Gee, who would've thunk?"

Well I wrote this in LMS during the summer. How is it?
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Express your inner beauty.... [01 Oct 2004|06:30pm]

[ mood | calm ]


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[23 Sep 2004|07:55pm]

[ mood | mellow ]

Just wrote this up last night right after a crazay chat with Mel and Mii. No title just yet...I've got somethin' else swimmin' around in my head, so look for that soon....A'ight, here it goes:

"I don't think there's anything better
Than living in the depths of your arms
Knowing that I'm the only one
Who gave you a purpose in life
You forgot about those other girls
They couldn't love you like I love you
So sweet and passionate
You've found your best friend for life
I will never forsake your love
For anything in this world
I declare myself forever yours
And you are forever mine

Make the days brighter
With your warm smile
Make the nights more beautiful
With your powerful eyes

Release my tension
Find my fears deep inside
Kiss them all away
Take my insecurities
And burn them with your touch
Help me find myself
As I will help you find your true being
Let our bodies be one
Let our souls come together
Our cries shall be in unison

Wow, almost medieval-ish....Welp, I hope to hear some opinions! Until next time!

~Crazed Confessa~

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