Rebecca (sobleak) wrote in virtue_inwords,

new poem, titled Misleading, author sobleak (ME)

I'm Wondering why the hell your smiling at me so sweetly.
Why are you looking into my eyes so intently?
Cant you just set things straight?

My Eyes are on you, My Mind is loving you,
and My Soul is addicted to you.

I'm wondering now, why when I'm sad are you the only one who can tell?
Why do you get so concerned?
Just stop please, and think for a minute...

We are not just friends, you and I.
No. No.
Get a clue, I like you,
and I am thinking maybe you like me too.

I'm wondering why the hell are you standing so close, really in my personal space...
Why do you do those little cute things you do? You know they "annoy me".

Why is your arm around my shoulder?
Why does your hand always find a place in mine?
Why, in class when your tired do you always lean on me?

I care about you, am I imagining it or do you fell it to ?...

or... are you just screwing with me?

are you purposely misleading me?
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