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Just wrote this up last night right after a crazay chat with Mel and Mii. No title just yet...I've got somethin' else swimmin' around in my head, so look for that soon....A'ight, here it goes:

"I don't think there's anything better
Than living in the depths of your arms
Knowing that I'm the only one
Who gave you a purpose in life
You forgot about those other girls
They couldn't love you like I love you
So sweet and passionate
You've found your best friend for life
I will never forsake your love
For anything in this world
I declare myself forever yours
And you are forever mine

Make the days brighter
With your warm smile
Make the nights more beautiful
With your powerful eyes

Release my tension
Find my fears deep inside
Kiss them all away
Take my insecurities
And burn them with your touch
Help me find myself
As I will help you find your true being
Let our bodies be one
Let our souls come together
Our cries shall be in unison

Wow, almost medieval-ish....Welp, I hope to hear some opinions! Until next time!

~Crazed Confessa~
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