Fae Rose Isolde (mgcklchic667) wrote in virtue_inwords,
Fae Rose Isolde

Wrote this one a while ago

Today a life was taken
By a driver who was drunk
A teenager named Jenny
"Who? That sweet, smart girl? Who would've thunk?"
Her fate was decided
At a party she went to one night
Where her friends said, "C'mon, have a swig!"
And Jenny took one out of fright
One led to two
Two led to four
Soon enough she had too much
And passed out on the floor
Her mind took a break
So did her friends
They all left the party trashed
Stumbling to their cars in the end
While Jenny was put unconcious in the back
The car swerved back and forth
Trina couldn't drive on track
She passed a stopsign
Missed a red stoplight or two
She heard car horns honk and said
"What did I do?"
Suddenly when she put her eyes
Back on the road
Trina saw that it had snowed
An icy patch was on her side
The tires began to lightly slide
And she moved left
Out of the way
But just as she missed the patch
Another ride came her way
A semi-truck blasting its horn
Trina didn't know what to do
Her drunken mind had her torn
She froze at the headlights
And the truck hit the car
Seeing that Jenny was still passed out with no seatbelt on
She was thrown through the windshield
And went pretty far
After the crash
Trina was fine
She'd only had a strong thrash
But Jenny was a different story
Her body's sprawled out on the cement
She was killed instantly
When her neck was nastily bent
So now Jenny's friends
Have to live with a tragedy like this
Her parents truly loved her
We all know she'll be missed

Tonight a life was taken
By a driver who got drunk
And most people would onlly have one thing to say,
"Gee, who would've thunk?"

Well I wrote this in LMS during the summer. How is it?
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