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Poem: I Get It

I know it’s hard for you to breathe.
I know sometimes it’s like you can’t see.
I know that when you escape your grief
you want it back because it’s familiar.
I know.
I know.

I know that sometimes you hurt yourself,
So you can find that familiar place.
I know that sometimes you also do that,
Because you think that is where you belong…
…. I also know your wrong.

I know it’s hard to keep going when
the one you love
does not love you.
I know, for I too, cry in the night.
I can tell how hard you fight
that tide of emotions that you feel inside
((the ones that keep you paralyzed))
I know. I know.

I know you thought we were a mistake.
I know because when I gave you
My heart on a golden plate
You left it out in the rain.

….And when I tried to retrieve it and start new
I did not get very far.
Now it is out, for all to see,
soaked, torn, and
hyperventilating on my sleeve.

I know it was she that you loved and not I
I know that what you thought you felt for me,
Was only a lie.
I know. I know.

I remember when you told me that when you were in love
It would be as if everything were all right.
I also remember that feeling
((it was almost like I died))
when you said you felt it with her, and not I.

It is so incredibly hard to bare.
I know.
I get it.
And hopefully one day I will understand…
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